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Hello everyone,

What a picnic! While I received tons of compliments for a successful and fun picnic, I am not worthy to take all the credits. Credit goes to a lot of people who helped me along the way, especially the chairmanship of Dr. Marie Rebancos and the awesome team and to everyone who came and participated. Gracias!

Fun continues this summer as PCCCF will hold its annual Color Run/Walk this Saturday July 16th at 11am at the Zablocki Park. This is for a worthy cause: our own Free Medical Clinic. See flyer for details. 

Everybody is welcome to join with PCCCF going to the Milwaukee Art Museum on July 24th 1pm-4pm. This event is free but must RSVP to Ms. Jojo Ramos at diwa@wi.rr.com if taking advantage of the free bus ride to and from the Philippine Center. 

Thank you and Mabuhay!

Maria Salomon-Yumang
2016 FAAWIS President

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Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized for his or her community service?  If so, please tell us about your friend!   Our committee will choose the recipient using the criteria listed below and will present the award at the Annual Dinner Dance this summer.
-  Must be at least 18 yrs of age
-  Must be a paid FAAWIS member
-  Volunteer work in FAAWIS activities (Folk Fair, picnic, Dinner Dance, bowling etc) – 50% of score
-  Volunteer work in other Filipino events (Medical Clinic, Filipino Catholic Ministry, UP, UST, PNA, PMA, etc) – 30% of score
-  Volunteer work in non-Filipino events (Hunger Task Force, Breast Cancer walk, church, etc) – 20% of score
Please give a detailed list of the volunteer’s service and accomplishments.   Submit your nominations by July 16 to Nela Mendoza-Lemes  at  mmendozalemes@yahoo.com. 

Thank you for your help!
Community Service Award Committee




April 16, 2016
by Isabel Maria Piana and Maria Salomon-Yumang

Every year the FAAWIS community gathers to raise funds for the Free Medical Clinic. While some of the participants are die-hard bowlers who try to improve their techniques, others are content to just dust off their bowling gear for their once a year adventure on the bowling lanes. But either way, everyone from the littlest bowler to the oldest participant is there for a good time. And, this year was no exception.

This year the bowlers gathered on April 16th at JB’s on 41 and filled thirty-four lanes. At the end of the afternoon, these participants heard their names called to claim the following awards.

All scores are for highest two games.

1st Team: Gerry Ramos, Paul Clemente, Ralph Ramos & Molly Ramos 1223
2nd Team: Derick Yumang, Lala Yumang, Joseph Yumang & Marnel Cruz 1073
3rd Team: Ed Gilbert, Bong Capitan, Patrick Elliott & Richard Coury 1014

Ladies' Individual
1st Place: Adrienne Alessio 312
2nd Place Sara Poplawski 305
3rd Place: Annalie Moloney 261

Men's Individual
1st Place: Paul Clemente 387
2nd Place: Eddie Gilbert 376
3rd Place: Gerry Ramos 355

Youth Girl's
1st Place: Amanda Gilbert 163

Youth Boy's
1st Place Jericho Singian 133

Lowest Score
Alona Kainz: 45

Congratulations to all the winners! 50/50 raffle and other prizes were given away. FAAWIS was able to donate $600 to the Free Medical Clinic, the beneficiary of this bowling event.

See you next Spring!

>View the bowling photos HERE

. . . . . . . . . . . .


Bowling Co-Chairs:
Edgar Catacutan and Patrick Moloney

Marc Millan, Roz Daniels, and Josie Brunner

FAAWIS President:
Maria Salomon-Yumang
. . . . . . . . . . . .


 President's Corner:
> Welcome Message from the President

> Meet the New Board Members And Officers
Rachel Hope Wickman - 2015 FAAWIS Youth Scholarship
Dr. Marie Abraham Rebancos - Recipient of the 2015 FAAWIS Outstanding Community Service Award

Christmas Brunch with Santa 2015 
Holiday Folk Fair 2015 
> FAAWIS Dinner Dance 2015 
> Mardi Gras Filipino Independence Day Picnic
> FAAWIS Bowling Fundraiser 2015


July 9 – FAAWIS Picnic – Wirth Park, Brookfield -11A!
July 16 – FAAWIS 3rd Board Meeting/ General Assembly – 1pm!
August 27 – FAAWIS Dinner Dance – Country Springs Hotel and Waterpark!
November 18, 19, 20 –Holiday Folk Fair – State Fair Grounds!
December 4 – FAAWIS Christmas Brunch – Wisconsin Club!
December 16 – FAAWIS Sponsors Simbang Gabi – St. Alphonsus


> PCCCF will hold its annual Color Run/Walk this Saturday July 16th at 11am at the Zablocki Park.

>PCCCF going to the Milwaukee Art Museum on July 24th 1pm-4pm. This event is free

> Community News December 2015
> PCCCF and Free Medical Clinic NEWS


FAAWIS Spring Bowling - April 2016
FAAWIS Brunch with Santa - Dec 2015
FAAWIS Annual Picnic - June 2015

FAAWIS Dinner Dance - August 2016



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