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2016 FAAWIS President Maria Salomon Yumang with FAAWIS Board members and dedicated volunteers of the Filipino Food Booth

International Holiday Folk Fair

2017 -DTD

State Fair Park, West Allis

Food  Chairs:  Mila Michaels
Cultural Booth Chairs:  Jojo Ramos
Dance  Chairs: Sheila Jackson

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 FAAWIS at the International Folk Fair 2016

By Maria Salomon Yumang

Thank you to the volunteers and participants of the International Holiday Folk Fair held November 18-20, 2016 at State Fair Grounds. Many thanks to the Food Booth Coordinators: Dr. Nela Mendoza-Lemes, Mrs. Miriam Santos, Mrs. Ning Mendoza; Youth Dance Coordinator, Mrs. Sheila Jackson; Cultural Booth Coordinator, Mrs. Jojo Ramos and Market Place vendor, Mrs. Shirley Massie. We proudly announce that our cultural booth won a special award for "Best Interaction With Public" presented by the International Institute of Wisconsin. Kudos to all of you!


FAAWIS youth performing Filipino cultural dance at the International Folk Fair


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