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 2017 President's Thank You Message


Miriam Santos-Amador
FAAWIS President 2017


As my year as FAAWIS President has come and gone, I’d like to thank all of the board members, officers, and committee chairs who have always been at the ready to help in any way they could; sacrificing their time and energy, all to support our community and to make it stronger.

To my family and friends, thank you for putting up with me this year, for my moodiness, for listening to me, and for having my back through thick and thin. It was especially fun to reconnect with childhood friends this past year. Thank you for the ❤️!

Finally, thanks to all of you! Thank you for coming to all of the events and making our community stronger. Thank you to the older generations for leading us and showing us by example. It is our job to bridge the old and the young, because without the young, we have no future. 
Happy New Year, and God bless!

     I will contact Ed to see if he has any pictures regarding any of the events. 
Again, thank you for all of your help this past year! I appreciate all your and Mimi’s support!



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