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FAAWIS officers lead by FAAWIS president Joyce Coury (3rd from left) and Picnic chairperson Dr. Marie Rebancos (4th from right), and volunteers who helped make the 2014 FAAWIS picnic a big success.

2014 FAAWIS Picnic

by Tom Hey, FAAWIS President-Elect

The FAAWIS Annual Picnic on June 14, 2014 at beautiful Wirth Park in Brookfield was a huge success! In perfect weather, and in the shade of decades old sugar maple and red oak trees picnickers enjoyed delectable food, great entertainment, games, activities galore, and the wonderful community of friends and family (new and old).

An early volleyball competition and mid-morning mass drew many faithful. At noon (with the grounds full) the celebration continued in a most traditional way – with food! Everyone enjoyed plenty of food, with a spread of Filipino favorites and American standbys. Many picnickers found time to visit sponsoring event tents to create wonderful art, accept a literacy challenge, or even get their blood pressure checked. And after what could only be called a great feast the youth performers brought the energy level up several notches with traditional Filipino and modern dance. The live band then kicked the games and competitions into high gear throughout the afternoon, and pulled in picnickers of all ages. Who knew musical chairs could almost be conquered by a septuagenarian? Occasional shouts of delight were heard as raffle winners were called and prizes collected.

By mid-afternoon the shelter had cleared of musical chairs and other competitions and the band kicked into overdrive. Before it seemed possible however it was time to go. So as picnic baskets, coolers and tired picnickers left the park, a few hardy celebrants took one last opportunity to kick up their heels on the dance floor as the band played a few last favorites.

Thank you to all who came, and especially to those who helped make it happen! Hope to see you again next year!


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