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By Linda Ravelo,

2014 PMA-W Auxiliary President

The PMA-W Auxiliary and its predecessor, the Philippine Medical Society Auxiliary, has a long proud history in Milwaukee.  The focus of each group was to teach their cultural heritage to the children, to give back to the Milwaukee community and to support the Philippine Medical Association.  Many capable and dedicated leaders led the Auxiliary and each president left a positive mark on the membership.

Recently, the Auxiliary has seen a shrinking membership, due in part to competition from other civic groups for people willing to serve. After serious reflection and a deep concern for the Auxiliary's future, the Board laid out a plan this past summer.

     1) Schedule a General Meeting on August 3, 2014 following the annual picnic

     2) Seek nominations for a 2015-2016 slate of officers

     3) Contact all members by postal mail and by e-mail

     4) Advise the PMA-W Board in advance that the Auxiliary's future will be decided at the August 3 meeting

     The meeting began with words of praise for all of the Auxiliary's years of successful programing in the Milwaukee area. Unfortunately, the Board could not present a slate of officers because no one had responded to their appeal to serve. After a lengthy discussion of possible options, the group came to the difficult decision to dissolve the Auxiliary.

     A motion was made and passed to dissolve the Auxiliary.

     A motion was made and passed to donate $7,000 to the PCCCF, ear-marked for two flagpoles in front of the Philippine Center at Zablocki Park, along with the naming rights.

     A motion was made and passed to donate the balance of $697.20 to the Feed the Hungry Mission in Binmaley, Pangasinan in honor of the late Virginia Vinluan, two-term past president.

     The Board is grateful to everyone who attended the final meeting and helped design the Auxiliary's final act of "giving back".

     The American and Filipino flags flying proudly over the Philippine Center today, represent the unique collaboration between the Philippine Center and the Milwaukee County Parks and Recreation Department. The flag poles are a lasting legacy to the Auxiliary leaders and members who created its proud history.

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