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June 13, 2015
Wirth Park, Brookfield, WI

Each year FAAWIS is committed to doing a fun-filled family event that everyone can enjoy.
The Annual Picnic is one of the events that FAAWIS sponsors to gather the whole Filipino community together to strengthen long standing friendships and help recent arrivals meet new friends.

To make it more exciting each year the picnic features a new theme. This year’s Mardi Gras theme was a big hit. Everyone was in Mardi Gras spirit sporting masks, beads, costumes, and of course enjoying some home cooked southern food.  There were the games for kids and adults, a hotly contested volleyball tournament, and of course the best costume parade! Everyone was in high spirits and enjoying being outdoors.

A novel addition to the Picnic this year was “Meat on the Street”, a Filipino owned business who provided picnic goers with samples of their cooking.

Many of the other Milwaukee area Filipino organizations participated.  FCM took care of the mass. UPAAW sponsored face painting for the kids. PNAW sponsored health checks and blood pressure screenings. The PCCCF, under the leadership of Dr. Singson and Jojo Ramos, provided entertainment from Munting Tinig (children’s choir). The entertainment also featured a kid’s dance, choreographed by Marivic Gilbert. There was also singing from the Mondano boys and DJ, Derrick Yumang, kept the music pumping throughout the afternoon.
Attendance at the annual FAAWIS picnic seems to be growing with lots of new faces in attendances.  The Bayanihan spirit on display was truly amazing.

I would like personally to thank everyone especially:  the picnic committee members, co-chair Leo Vitangcol, emcee Creamheld Pepito, Patrick Moloney for organizing the volleyball tournament, everyone who volunteered, our generous sponsors, the FAAWIS board members and officers, the various entertainers, the other local Filipino organizations, Fr. Arturo Ysmael for presiding over the mass, and finally our caterers Precy Griffin, Rose Ricks, and Carol Hopefl who provided a cake. When we work together great things can be done!

I look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s Picnic.

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