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Winners of the “Simply the Best” Dressed Contest


August 27, 2016
Country Springs Hotel, Waukesha, WI
by Sol Atienza Yoder

Congratulations on another well-attended and spectacular dinner dance! It was “Simply the Best”!!! This unique theme marked the 44th Annual FAAWIS Dinner Dance on, Saturday, August 27, 2016, at the Country Springs Hotel in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The theme resonated the message that it doesn’t have to be complicated or extravagant to be an exquisite and classy event. Attendance was an incredible 23520 people, wearing their finest attire.

The talented Bakal Girls

     The event-filled program dinner was led by the talented emcees, Tom Hey and Cream Pepito Sommer. As guests arrived, the mood was set for the evening with music by Ral Enriquez. The ceremony began with our national anthems. Kaylib Berkshire sang the Star-Spangled Banner while Leo Vitangcol led Lupang Hinirang. Following this were inspiring words from our devoted FAAWIS president, Maria Salomon Yumang. This was promptly followed by the invocation, which was conducted by Father Art Ysmael.

Lady M & the Fabulous FAAWIS Funkettes

To coincide with the theme “Simply the Best”, there was a “Simply the Best” Dressed Contest! Categories were male and female with age ranges for each. Judges were Tom Hey, Sol Atienza Yoder and a real fashion image consultant, Sunghi Moore. Contestants were judged on style, uniqueness, poise, and many other aspects. 

The Hot Lips, led by Roz Daniels

However, the climatic moment of the night was when the female winner of the 57 y.o. and older category was announced. Delia Plaga was initially given the crown only to be betrayed by our emcee, Leo Vitangcol, who mistakenly announced the incorrect winner. The crown was then rightfully handed to the true winner, Mrs. Lydia Petzak. Story sound familiar?! With 20 total number of contestants, the following were our fashionable winners:

Miss Elena Sommer

Mr. Mark Mendoza

Ms. Bonita Bird

Mr. Kaylib Berkshire

Mrs. Queenie Weesen

Mrs. Arlene Isip

Mr. Andy Ladron

Mrs. Lydia Petzak

Continuing with the program, honors were presented to well-deserved recipients:

Presidential Award presented by Maria Salomon Yumang to Tom Hey, Outstanding Community Service Award presented by Dr. Nela Mendoza-Lemes and Miriam Santos-Amador to Mrs. Zen Edralin

     To start the evening’s entertainment, Alana Michales provided entertaining music and Robyn Cabigting gracefully danced. Following this was the 50/50 raffle, which was won by Nicole Albano.

     To continue entertainment, the opening dance group was led by Lady M & the Fabulous FAAWIS Funkettes, choreographed by our graceful Marivic Gilbert. This started the sequence of multiple line dances and participation from the audience. Masses of people enjoyed the dancing activities while the music was provided by Derek Yumang. Further dance performances were made by the entertaining Hot Lips, led by Roz Daniels, and the talented Bakal Girls.

     The evening was not complete without enjoying delicious Filipino desserts, which were provided by various talented volunteer bakers. Desserts included biko, maja blanca, sapin, bibingka, mocha cake, ube, among other tasty treats! Delicious!

     As always, a raffle was held during the dinner dance. Proceeds from the raffle go to benefit the FAAWIS social and cultural programming events. A grateful thank you to all our donators of the raffle prizes: $500 Best Buy gift card from Dr. & Mrs. Glenn & Jen Cueto Gequillana & son, Nick and the Jen Cueto family, and a 50” LED Smart TV donated by Alvin and Sheila Plaga Jackson & children Kaylib, Jylian, Dannika & Braydon. Congratulations to all our lucky prize winners!

     And, yet, another successful FAAWIS dinner dance! The fun, camaraderie, and celebrations left our attendees with the remembrances of an evening with dear friends, family, and an appreciation of the simple, yet elegant. Pictures of the event from our photographer, Edgar Catacutan, can be found on our Facebook page for “FAAWIS.”

     A special “Salamat Po” to our Dinner Dance Committee members: Maria Salomon Yumang (2016 FAAWIS president), Sheila Plaga Jackson (Chair), Sol Atienza Yoder (Co-Chair, judge, raffle, baker, 50/50), Josie Brunner (contest, raffle), Rosalyn Daniels (souvenir program, raffle, 50/50, choreographer), Grace Malett (dessert, set up, raffle), Mariyln Mallari (set up, raffle, dessert), Maribel Mandella (set up, raffle, 50/50), Dr. Nela Mendoza-Lemes (awards, advertisement, raffle), Marc Millan (set up, raffle, dessert), Isabel Pianna (raffle, thank yous, awards), Miriam Santos Amador (set up, raffle, awards), Tom Hey (emcee, judge, set up, raffle), Cream Pepito Sommer (emcee, raffle), Leo Vitangcol (emcee, anthem), Dr. Mina Santiago Vitangcol (RSVP, registration, raffle), Joyce Coury (assistant treasurer, raffles, ,advertisement, 50/50), Marivic Gilbert (choreographer, raffle), Zen Edralin (treasurer, setup, registration, raffle), Sunhi Moore (judge), and Ed Catacutan (photographer, raffle), Alvin Jackson (assistant, set up), Gem Cubos (raffle, program).

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