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FANHS-WI - Outstanding Community Service Award in 2017

Congratulations Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS-WI)
 for a well deserve award at the FAAWIS Dinner Dance on September 9th, 2017, Hyatt Regency Milwaukee

Thank you to your dedication, to your significant and valuable contributions to the FAAWIS community.

We welcome you to the Wisconsin Chapter of FILIPINO AMERICAN NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY (FANHS). 

If you want to be with other Filipinos and Filipino-Americans all over the United States, who are interested not only in cultivating, but in celebrating and documenting the life and times of the pinoys-pinays in this country, then the FANHS is your organization. 

FANHS -Wisconsin has been around since 1990, and was chartered in June 2001. 

The purposes of the Society are simple: 

1. To conduct research and studies, gather, promote and disseminate published works on Filipino American history; 

2. To provide a repository for research and gathered materials; 

3. To create exhibits; 

4. To promote and hold forums and public programs;

5. To sponsor fund raising events to accomplish these purposes. 

The society exists for Filipino-Americans in America. Someone is taking care of writing about the Filipinos in the Philippines, and someone is taking care of writing about America. We have to take care of writing and documenting our presence in this country because if we do not - no one will. Our goal in Wisconsin is to begin documenting the presence of Filipino-Americans in our state. 

We are proud of the accomplishments of the FANHS chapters all over the US - one day we hope to join in their ranks. We have much to do and much to learn. This is our history - come and write it with us.

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