If you’d like to get involved we’d be happy to hear from you. Ask us in person, or contact us at faawis@gmail.com

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FAAWIS Dance Troupes

We welcome anyone from ages 5 - 105 to join our three dance troupes.

Children from 5-12 can join our Sampaguita Dance Group.

Teenagers 13-16 can be part of the Liwayway Dance Group.

Last but not least, those who are 16 - 105 can join the Silahis Dance Troupe.

Practices generally will occur on Sunday afternoons.

Come join us

For information on upcoming Dance Practices for the 2014 Holiday Folk Fair,

please contact FAAWIS or call Sheila Plaga Jackson.

Sampaguita Dance Group, ages 5-12

Liwayway Dance Group, teenagers 13-16

Silahis Dance Troupe, ages 16 and forever

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