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FAAWIS is very proud of the many outreach & charitable efforts our organization has done in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area in the past 38 years, including but certainly not limited to:

• hosting a charitable event in 2010 at the Pilot House, where we raised money for a local inner city free medical clinic;

• promoting cultural & educational awareness through Filipino dance & music with our FAAWIS Dance Troupes and participating annually in the Holiday Folk Fair in the past 40 years;

• holding a 5 hour food & clothing donation drive in the fall of 2009, where we collected & paid for 25 boxes of donated goods to be shipped to the Philippines and raised $2200 for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy;

• awarding scholarships & monetary awards to our deserving Filipino youth;

• providing quality social programs & opportunities to reconnect with our fellow Filipino American families & friends, and to reach out & promote our Filipino cultural heritage to our Filipino Youth via the annual picnic (where this year alone well over 600 people attended) and our annual Christmas Party where we provide cultural entertainment & give away presents to all the children;

• publishing and distributing to members and their families our triennial newsletter, the Bulalakaw;

• and last but not least, generously donating to or supporting various non profit organizations such as the Philippine Cultural & Civic Center Foundation, the Philippine Center Free Medical Clinic, Philippine Medical Association, USTAAW, UPAAW, SOS Doctors, the Gawad Kalinga Project, the American Red Cross, and the Hunger Task Force for all of their invaluable service in our community and abroad. 

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