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JULY 27, 2019

Filipino Fest 2019:  “Wow” Magic Moments for the FAAWIS History Books 
by Emma V. Webb, emmawebbauthor@gmail.com 

Can you remember a fest you attended where you left the place impressed, speechless, and all you can think of was the word “wow”? I do.
I had the delightful privilege of enjoying up-close “wow” moments when I participated as a co-emcee of the first FAAWIS Filipino Fest on July 27, 2019. Tom Woznick was the other emcee.


As a special gift to you, in case you missed the Filipino Fest, let me share with you how the ripples of kindness, friendship, and love spread throughout the event making “wow” magic moments for FAAWIS history books
• “wow” to Jan Rosell, President and Jeannette Weiss, Vice President, for their no-pressure leadership. They organized, delegated, and took responsibility of all details that needed to be done, without much fanfare ---- just a whisper of “Can you help?”
• And help came! They had a whole crew of smiling ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, dressed in yellow colored shirts with “Mabuhay” logo printed on the front, ready to serve event attendees from early morning until passed 11:00 PM on July 27, 2019.
• “wow” to the choice of venue, Bavarian Bierhaus ..… vendors booths, benches and tables under the canopy of trees bursting with boogying leaves as the cool wind kept the hot air at bay. “You have to be there to totally indulge in the beauty of the place and bask in the aura of happiness, the Filipinos are known for. Filipinos are happy people.”
• “wow” to the FAAWIS Board and members who decorated the entire place. American and Philippine flags, colorful hanging banners, lots of balloons were everywhere, as if to say, “You’re in the right place. A place that showcase the Filipinos love for music, good food, and fun conversation.”
• “wow” to the non-stop entertainment. There was something for everyone. Highlights were violin music by Jenna Domblesky, songs of various genre by Sophia Traxler, Cheyenne and Sean Youngblood, Irelyn Arana, Joey Warren, Johanna Mejias, Rozz Daniels, Owiz Micabalo, romantic duet by Cora and Lito Tulod, Yoga by Cathy Stadler, Tinikling dance by the Baumann sisters, the heart-racing and breath-taking dances of the Bakalz, Chadwick Gates, Elvis tribute artist, a whole array of music by Papi Makaena, a special appearance by Geneva Cruz. The evening breeze felt so delicious as people swayed to the dancing music of the Samasama Project band.
• “wow” to the food and beverage service team. Among many Filipino dishes, the sight and smell of roasting pigs and chickens melted anyone’s diet plan. Heard from a group of giggling young women, “Count your calories tomorrow. Today, we eat and drink. Let’s party!”

It was a day of passionate demonstration of what FAAWIS can offer you. If you were not at the Bavarian Bierhaus, venue for the Filipino Fest, on July 27, 2019, you missed a thrilling page in FAAWIS history.
WTMJ 4 and Fox 6 News took notice. Maybe next year you’ll do too, huh?
Tom Woznick summed up the spirit of the event in one beautiful statement:
“This was a very successful inaugural Filipino Fest with wonderful entertainment, a variety of delicious food options and beverage selections, with camaraderie and kinship that felt like we were in the Philippines.” Tom Woznick, co-emcee, has visited the Philippines seven (7) times with his wife Pamela


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