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Welcome Message from

FAAWIS President Miriam Santos

Hi! I am Miriam Santos-Amador, President for 2017. I am married to Alex Amador, and have two teenage boys, Sammy (17) and Elie (16). I was born and raised in the Milwaukee area. Some of you may remember my parents, Ninette and Teng Santos.

     Because I was raised in the area, and my mom started the Silahis Dance Troupe, FAAWIS has always been a part of my life. I remember as a child having Christmas parties and dance practices at St. Florian’s church, and later at the International Institute and St Philip Neri. I have known many of you since I was a little girl, and I am counting on your cooperation and participation in the upcoming events.

     I have been thinking recently about the state of our nation and why we are here in the United States. My mom came to Milwaukee in 1963, and my tatay followed in 1965. When I was born, they had the choice to go back, but they decided to stay. As I was growing up, we went back “home” every 5-7 years, so that I would know my heritage and family.

     FAAWIS is a way to continue our traditions and build our community. I want my children to know their heritage, and why it’s important to be a Filipino living in America. That is why all of us are a part of FAAWIS; to continue our heritage and traditions and teach our young the importance of being a Filipino in America. Thank you for being a part of FAAWIS, and for being role models for our children, and future generations!

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